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What Is The Importance Of Value Based Education

Value-based education plays a key role in developing an individual, providing a positive direction and helping shape the future significantly. But that’s certainly not the end to it. So, what is the importance of value-based education?

Value-based education can help you to deal with the majority of problems that you encounter in adulthood. These values help in the advancement of your character and, in turn, the advancement of the society in which you live.

The role of education is not limited to imparting knowledge but includes holistic development of a child. If knowledge is food, value is water. You need both to enrich your life and provide stability during tough times in life. Value-based education provides students with certain guidelines that they can use to escalate the quality of their lives and careers. They can also help a student to practically approach life with a positive attitude.

Value-based education has several components to enrich a student in every aspect of his/her life.

What are the components of value-based education?

The components of value-based education broadly include character education, health education, and environmental education.

Character education: It is imperative for every individual to have a sound character. Value-based education aids people immensely in achieving this goal. It shapes your character and personality, so that people value your views and opinions.

Value-based education emphasizes the importance of being a well-mannered and well-behaved individual and simultaneously guides you through the process.

Health education: This is another aspect that value-based education emphasizes. But why is heath education so important? As the recent pandemic showed us, the main importance underlying health education is generating awareness regarding diseases that can cost lives. There are several life-threatening diseases like malaria, cholera, Ebola, etc., which mainly occur due to poor hygiene maintenance.

There are several underdeveloped and rural areas where people do not pay the required attention to hygiene. Hence, its importance, advantages, and processes should be explained to students at an early age. This would enable them to maintain proper hygiene and encourage others to do the same as well.

Environmental education: Health is distantly related to the quality of the environment. Hence, environmental education is equally important for a kid so that they can turn out to be responsible adults. It is essential to know how to preserve greenery for a healthy environment.

A safe and beautiful environment is essential for the mental health of the people. Hence it becomes imperative to protect nature to enjoy all the pleasure and benefits it has to offer. An individual with great values can have the capability to inspire the entire society and, in turn, the entire nation. Value-based education comprises of all essential values that a student will require both during their academic and professional life.

There are also certain core values in education that are extremely important for a student to excel in academics.

What are the core values in education?

The core values in education include integrity, respect, leadership, responsibility, perseverance, and honesty. Values are extremely important throughout the academic career. Children get a scope of implementing such values in their schools and mainly during education.

Respect is a key value that is important in every sphere of life. A student must respect teachers and seniors. Respect towards education is another major aspect a student must focus on. In turn, a teacher must also respect a student’s dignity and integrity and do nothing to violate that.

Honesty is another value that students learn early and carry with them throughout their life. Teachers must teach their students the essence of honesty and hard work so that they not only excel in academics but in their professional life. Honesty in personal life is also equally important.

The next on the list is leadership. You must be aware of the saying that “not everyone can be a good leader”. This is true enough. Leadership is not an individual skill but a combination of many skills. This includes good observational and motivational skills, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the team and constantly guiding them.

Do you remember how many times during a tough situation you may have thought of giving up? But you did not. Why? This is because, since school days, your teachers have taught you to persevere through tough times and never give up. Although they have used the context of education, you benefit from this skill throughout your life.

As such, values are essential in the life of every individual across all age groups.

What are the necessities of values?

Values play a key role in shaping your personality, actions and beliefs. It helps you make the right decision at the right time and adhere to it no matter what. Every profession comes with its own challenges. But the common thread among them is the values they involve.

There are many aspirations that individuals have since their childhood days. There are people who aspire to be an entrepreneur, a doctor, an engineer, social worker, or a professor. These differences in choices are mainly due to the values which they have prioritized the most.

There are people who aspire to be a doctor because they believe saving someone’s life is the main purpose of their life. A social worker finds immense happiness in serving society and looking after needy people. A researcher wishes to make a significant contribution in the field of science and, in turn, serve society.

Every profession requires dedication, hard work, strong willpower, a never-give-up attitude and complete honesty. Values are also equally important in excelling in the occupation you have chosen for yourself. Will you be happy if you are not completely honest about your profession?

Values can be classified into several types. However, this classification is not so distinct because they might overlap, serving multiple purposes at the same time. For example, honesty is an important value in the professional field. Additionally, honesty is also important in relationships, friendships, and towards your own self as well as towards the society of which you are a part.

What are the types of values?

‘Value’ is an umbrella term covering different types such as personal values, societal values, spiritual values, cultural values, and moral values. Such virtues serve as baby steps to a successful career and a blissful life.

Personal values include morality, self-confidence, punctuality, ambition, creativity, and so on. If these values are inculcated among students from an early stage, it becomes easier for them to practice them in their daily lives.

Creativity and punctuality are essential elements that serve as a pillar of a promising career. Vision is equally important because it serves as the main drive behind designing the roadmap to success. There will be numerous times you might face hurdles in your life, be it professional or personal. These are the times when personal values such as self-motivation and self-confidence can serve as a guiding light to overcome the darkness around.

Ever wondered how your life would become if you do not interact with anyone? Humans are social beings. Hence, they need to communicate with each other to survive harmoniously. Here, social values come into play. These are essential for peaceful coexistence. Social values include compassion, love, friendship, bravery, justice, freedom, etc.

Friendship is the core of every relationship that exists so far. It is one of the purest bonds between people irrespective of age or gender. Love is another significant value that has numerous forms. One of the key elements of love is compassion and respect towards each other, irrespective of its form or the people involved.

Have you ever meditated? If you have, you must have felt the peace of mind it brings you. Spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation assist in gaining control and clarity of mind. This is extremely important when you feel stressed and search for relaxation.

Another important category is that of cultural values. This mainly involves identifying customs and rituals that are morally wrong and taking a stand to abolish the same. You can only remove such superstitions through scientific reasoning and immense patience. These values help in the improvement of society and the world we live in.

Ethics serve as a key moral value that plays a crucial role in shaping the personality of individuals. Ethics are nothing but a set of rules that individuals frame for themselves. They never violate these rules for anyone or under any circumstances. What is life without ethics?

There are several other aspects of moral values, such as honesty, gratitude, keeping promises, etc. These are essential qualities and need to be integrated during the early days of life to get prominent results which clearly highlight what is the importance of value-based education.

Imparting values is not the sole responsibility of teachers. Every individual should guide other individuals, irrespective of their age and location, to be a morally sound person. This encourages a student to develop the correct attitude that is extremely essential to face the outside world.

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