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  • To create a life-altering experience in the long run.

  • To build a non-conjecture surrounding with responsible seekers to make this society a better place to live in.


  • Dedicated to set standards with limitless boundaries so that more opportunities are poured in bringing the learners a new approach to reflect and thrive a beautiful and meaningful journey in a long run.




“Only great minds can afford a simple living”

True to the words, our founder correspondent Late Shri. Dr. P.N. Palaniswamy had a very simple living all through his life. He was born on 29th August 1936, in a wealthy family with an agricultural background. Though he was passionate about education, he had to withdraw his schooling owing to the family responsibilities. As a young adult, he tried his hands at varied fields from manufacturing to trade. His burning desire towards education probed him to give back quality education to the Society where he belonged.  

That marks the Birth of NATIONAL MODEL GROUP OF SCHOOLS ! In the year 1987, Shri. Dr.P.N. Palaniswamy started National Model Matriculation School in a small level with 2


students and a staff. His resilience and tireless effort with deep rooted principles made the school to grow in leaps and bounds. He had always been a Visionary, who had introduced holistic learning even three decades back. He always thought in perspective of the wellness and all-rounded growth of the students.


He is a proud pioneer in introducing Extra-Curricular for all the students, into the curriculum.  All children at National Model learnt Martial arts, Yogasanas and to sing mellifluously and dance gracefully alongside their academic and sporting skills.​The abled guidance of him and the collaboration of his team enabled the school to reach a student strength of 3000 plus and staff strength of 300 plus in the year 2005 and no looking back from then on!

His realization for the need of a National Curriculum led to the start of a new school in 2006 following CBSE curriculum. As a next step towards excellence, he introduced technology-based teaching - all the classrooms were provided with computers, projectors with 24/7 uninterrupted internet facility. To optimize the learning, all the classrooms were air-conditioned with state-of-the-art facilities in all aspects. He strongly believed that Each Individual is Unique and given the personalized attention, they bloom to the fullest potential. Hence the class strength remains at a ratio of 10:1 till date.


Recognizing his zeal for education, the most renowned University, Popolare University di Milano, Italy conferred him with Honorary Doctorate and the Life-Time Achievement Award in the year 2010. At the outset of an opportunity to take part in an attempt to create Guinness World Record, he set the platform for his students and staff and achieved the Title – The Largest Candy Mosaic in the year 2011.

He had been a self-motivated person known for his lofty ideals, simplicity and his life would remain an inspiring lesson to all the students, staff who journeyed with the school. ​Though his soul departed from us in the year 2012, his memories and principles will lead us through Always!

Chairman Desk.jpeg

Dr. P. Mohan Chandar

B.B.A, M.B.A., Ph D


Mr Mohan is our proud founder who helped in building this group into an ever-lasting team. He was always blessed with an impeccable personality and he was a talented dweller. He finished his MBA in 1989 and is pursuing his PhD in Primary Education.

​Mr Mohan established and took the reins of National Model School in 1987. On the account of being extravagant in his ideologies and having a subsequent vision to proclaim in the field of unconventional education, he wanted to invent and maintain a unique, constructive and functional way of imparting the knowledge to the educational community irrespective of innumerable setbacks that were on his way. This objective allowed him to try various techniques and innovate new approaches to education. A vision was created, values were added to it and thus the foundation

was laid to this unbreakable system, which reaps the talented crops to date.

When we talk about innovations, it includes the cutting-edge technologies in his school which were introduced by Mr Mohan, as he wanted education, teaching and technology to sail on the same boat. These technologies include ultra-short-throw projectors, visualisers and interactive panel boards inside every classroom.


And as desired, he dedicated himself to making sure that every teacher in the school is trained and properly oriented, and they are given the opportunities to participate in an array of workshops conducted through the year to equip them to deal with each child individually, identify their innate talents and ignite their minds.

These efforts have proven to be successful as there has been a humongous and consistent growth. Starting with just two students in 1987 to over 4500 students today across 4 schools. It’s been 34 years of trials, tribulations and definitely triumph. And this would’ve not been possible without Mr Mohan and his unwavering support and philosophy that states – “Happiness is a boomerang. Give it in ample to people around you, and it comes back in abundance”. A man with a humble heart, he completely owes this tremendous success to his family (immediate and extended), friends, faculties and his intuition who created miracles and built his vision into a reality.



Mrs. Uma Chandar completed her B.E. in 1997. She started her career as a software engineer, but turned to teaching out of passion. She believes that to be a good teacher one requires an inquiring mind and a supportive team. At the age of 30, as a mother of two, Uma decided to become a teacher, though she believes as a parent she was already a teacher, and regularly quotes Claudio Jones book titled “Parents are teachers too!”. And, now for the past 15 years she has not only become a successful teacher but has helped other teachers realise their dream.

​She has always believed a systematic and scientific approach towards teaching and learning process is the key to a successful teacher and student engagement. The paradigm has to be shifted from teacher centric to learner centric. Keeping this in mind Uma designed a curriculum which prepares the learner for 21st Century, which


meant the learning has to be active, differentiated and collaborative. ​For her the objective has always been to create a positive learning environment that allows all learners with varied disposition to thrive.

She and her team regularly attempts to understand, analyse and devise strategies to make learners engaged in tasks assigned. She believes that today’s classrooms are bustling with students sharing and participating actively, thus are already building on their knowledge and skills and at the same time making merry.This as per her is just the way it should be. ​She has now taken up an additional responsibility as a Manager, where she is not only getting involved academic but also administrative roles.




Mrs. Geetha

Dear Parent,

Recognition, Appreciation and Award to National Model for its exemplary achievements in Academics.

Our journey in field of education has been long standing with loads of experiences, quest for knowledge and the proud moments that stands tall. Awards and Recognitions from renowned institutions popping up in the

path of our journey bring cheers, new hopes and a apt to move towards greater heights. The series of awards won by the National Model group of Schools and its Principals stand true to it !


This award for, ‘Academic Excellence’, ‘Best new Generation School’ & Unimilano Professional Excellence Award 2014by the most prestigious “Universita Popolare Degli Studi Di Milano, Italy, is a result of the tireless efforts of our Synergistic team of faculty and worthy student community under the able guidance of Administrators, Principals & Mentors.

The “mantra of National Modellites-be it staff or students is to beat their own records and set higher and higher goals and strive to achieve them; absolutely self-driven.

We are not ready to settle with this as our best is yet to come!

We tip our hats off to all our Parent members and well-wishers for their relentless support and continued patronage in all our endeavors…


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