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The Most Popular And Best Sports For Girls In Schools

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Holistic education is the need of the day. Playing sports is an integral and essential part of the school. The health benefits of playing sports are incomparable, and it is important that every school incorporates physical education classes into its curriculum. The benefits of playing sports include physical development, coordination, cooperation and emotional stability.

There was a time when some sports were reserved for boys, and girls were not allowed to play them. People believed some sports were too aggressive for women and could harm their well-being. However, those days are long gone. Today, many schools do not have separate teams for boys and girls during school tournaments.

Why is it important for girls to play sports?

Playing a sport is a great way to ensure good levels of physical fitness. Consistent physical activity helps children stay fit. In addition to this, there are many psychological and sociological advantages to playing a sport.

In many parts of India, girl children are not given the same importance as boys. Playing a sport helps girls to build confidence and self-esteem. Physical exertion and fitness help them focus. This focus also helps the girls remain cheerful and have less depression.

Body shaming is normalized in our society. Young girls suffer from low self-esteem in their body image. With more exercise and better physical well-being, girls have a more positive body image than those who do not exercise.

Moreover, the lessons learned on the field are essential for character building. Teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship and goal-setting are best learned on the sports field. Pursuing excellence in sports contributes to the child’s emotional and intellectual development. Playing a sport also encourages achievement-oriented behaviour. This is essential in the real world, where competition is rife, and one cannot be left behind in the rat race.

In a study conducted by Fortune 500, eighty percent of the female executives who were interviewed said that they used to play a sport in school and were considered tomboys. This only goes on to show how sports help to mould the leaders of tomorrow.

As far as health benefits go, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has conducted a study among American women and found out that there is a 60% decrease in the risk of breast cancer among women who have played a sport during childhood. Various studies denote a lesser risk of osteoporosis later in life.

With so many benefits, it is no surprise that more and more people are opting for schools that encourage sports. Here are some of the most popular sports for girls.


The national game of India, hockey occupies a special place in our hearts. This sport uses a hockey stick made of wood and a ball. There are eleven players in a team. A sport that was largely considered a male sport, hockey is a game that is strenuous and requires a lot of energy. A team sport that focuses on hard work and commitment, this sport focuses on the development of the student as a team player focused on her goal.

Over the last decade, there has been a phenomenal rise in the popularity of this sport. Although this is a game that requires tremendous amounts of energy, girls benefit from the high fitness levels that are necessary to participate.

Stronger back and abdominal muscles thanks to the posture while playing, greater focus, better communication skills and teamwork are some of the advantages of this sport.


Another team sport, volleyball, is one of the most popular games in the world. It is a wonderful way for young girls to build focus. It is also a great sport for physical fitness. Although volleyball does not require a high skill set as hockey does, it is a game that calls for high levels of agility and focus. This game, with two teams of six players, requires only a ball. So, it is a sport that is easy to play.

Playing this sport is beneficial for girls. It helps them build endurance. It also helps with making the muscles of the hands and legs strong.


Football is one of the games that is played worldwide, by everyone, irrespective of age and status. All it requires is a ball, 11 players on each team, and two goalposts, making it a game that can be played in every open space. A lively game that involves running across a field, football helps to build stamina and strengthens the core and leg muscles.

These muscles are vital for the overall health of girls, especially adolescents. The game is all about strategy, teamwork, coordination and focus. Since the game is all about collaboration, football also helps young children to forge bonds with their teammates, and understand the importance of letting go and sharing, which are important qualities long after they leave school.


Ask any parent, and they will tell you that the best way to ensure a child grows tall is to enrol them in basketball coaching classes. Another game that is commonly played in many parts of the US because all it requires is a basketball and a hoop for practice, basketball has gained immense popularity among girls in India as well.

This game is not only a great way to increase your height, as is commonly believed, but it is also a great way to improve upper body strength. This is also a great way to build leadership skills and focus.


They say cricket is not just a sport in India but a religion. A team that requires intense coordination between the eleven players in the team, cricket has become popular among the female population with the Indian team’s excellent performance in recent tournaments. Seen as a fun game, cricket is an extremely unpredictable game.

This sport teaches young children to take life as it comes and deal with the ups and downs of life. They learn that the next ball that comes to you could be a googly, or you could hit a sixer with it.


With greats like P.V. Sindhu and Saina Nehwal vouching for the game, badminton is one of the games that has become the first choice for many school-going girls. A game that requires speed, agility, concentration and strength, badminton is not a team sport.

It can be played individually, against an opponent, or with a partner. Either way, the game teaches children to be confident about their skills and strategy. Unlike a team sport, this game teaches girls to trust their instincts and depend on themselves to create a favourable outcome.


Another sport that has seen outstanding female players, such as Sania Mirza, tennis, requires strength and consistency. Tennis is a game about self-motivation, focus and staying calm throughout; tennis is ideal for girls looking for sports requiring less running and more focused play.


Swimming has been popular among girls since time immemorial and requires high levels of endurance and stamina. In addition to being a sport that helps girls stay in shape, swimming is an essential skill.

The therapeutic advantages of swimming are many. It is also a sport that can be performed solo, where the individual is taught to depend on their strength and stamina above all else. Extreme fitness levels are necessary to remain competitive, and this helps young girls stay focused.


Since the inception of the Greek Olympics, athletics, comprising of running, long jumps and high jumps, were seen as sports for men. However, this idea has been shattered by the prowess of women. Today, athletics, especially running, has become a sport in that women excel at. Young girls can opt for any of the many sports under this umbrella term. These sports help with endurance building and strengthening of muscles.

The sports that we have listed are only the tip of the iceberg. Girls excel in any field they choose, and sports are no exception. Kho-kho, throwball and gymnastics are some other activities that are popular among today's young girls. It is imperative that schools and parents encourage girls to take up sports, as this could play a major role in the overall development of the child, as

  • Playing a sport enhances endurance, perseverance and self-confidence

  • Children learn to work in a team

  • Children learn to deal with stressful situations and look for solutions

  • Sports help them to develop goal-setting skills

  • Girls who play sports tend to do better in school overall.

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